3 Reasons why Trade Vitality is the Best Map Compliance Monitoring Solution

Putting together a MAP policy is an essential step towards building a successful marketing strategy. By enforcing a minimum advertised price you will show that you value the credibility of your brand. It is also a great way to encourage a fair competition between your suppliers. While there are many MAP enforcement solutions on the market, Trade Vitality is by far the best one.  Stay with us if you want to know the top reasons why Trade Vitality is the best choice for your business.

An effortless way to streamline MAP monitoring

Monitoring resellers manually can be very time consuming, not to mention inefficient as it is impossible to monitor them all the time. Trade Vitality provides an automated monitoring solution, which performs hundreds of searches each day, and can even provide screenshots as proof of reseller price changes. All you have to do is upload your reseller information and the software will take care of the rest. Moreover, you don’t have to employ anyone to do this task; the notifications can be sent directly to you or to other marketing decision-makers. Go to the https://tradevitality.com/ site if you want to see just how many reputable businesses are using this MAP monitoring solution.

Receive instant notifications in case of policy violations

If one of your resellers happens to violate your MAP policy, the Trade Vitality software will notify you instantly. Not only that, but you will also have access to the reseller’s  history, to see whether or not this is their first violation. It would be wise to give everyone a second chance, as it is possible for a single violation to be just an honest mistake.

Contact violators instantly

By using the Trade Vitality solution, you can instantly contact any MAP violator, without having to check the internet or your other databases for contact information. You can contact the violators directly from the MAP tool. You can send them a warning for first violations, or in case of multiple violations, you can notify them that you are ceasing all collaborations with them.

As you can see, Trade Vitality provides you with all the tools that you need to monitor your suppliers and see whether or not they are abiding by your MAP policy. Enforcing a minimum advertised price policy will give all your suppliers a fair chance to succeed, and you can rest assured knowing that your customers will never perceive your products as cheap or of low quality.