Advantages of Using an Automatic Garage Door Opener

Many of us find it confusing to choose a garage door opener, all due to the many options nowadays available for interested consumers. Due to their efficient nature, unparalleled safety enhancement, and quite an affordable pricing, automated models have grown to become the top option of homeowners looking to add an opener system to their garages. If you are still in doubt whether you should make the purchase or not, stick with us to learn the advantages of using an automated garage door opener.

#1 – Extra security

This is without a doubt the most important advantage of them all. Nowadays, the number of burglaries has exponentially increased, and therefore, we don’t need to secure only our houses, but we have to secure our garages as well, in order to avoid being robbed.

The good news is that we can easily achieve that by installing an automatic garage door opener, which usually comes with a rolling code feature. The added security of rolling code technology is found in all the best models so you are sure to easily find a system that is impenetrable by intruders. What the technology implies is the generation of a different random code with each opening of the door so that nobody can detect it, thus no one being able to open the door unless they have a remote control.

#2 – Quiet operation

Traditional openers are very noisy, whereas automatic systems have a quiet operation. This is ideal because no matter how many times you open and close the door, you won’t disturb your family or your neighbors, and this is just fantastic. It’s an especially important benefit for those who have living arrangements above their garages, no disturbance being caused for those who are asleep as you manipulate the opener.

#3 – You don’t need to get out your car

This is absolutely wonderful. Many of us who still have traditional garage doors know how uncomfortable it is to get out of the car to open the door while it is raining or snowing. Not to talk about the fact that time is lost in the process, while not a lot, still enough to make it an inconvenience. With an automatic device, you can just sit in your car and use the remote control for this task.

#4 – You can choose Vacation Mode for extra safety when you are away

When going on holiday, you can relax and not worry about the fact that someone can enter your property, due to the fact that you have a clever setting, called Vacation Mode. When this is activated, the remote control is deactivated and nobody can open the door unless it knows how to deactivate the setting. This means that the person must know what code to type on the control panel. Obviously, the one who will know the code is going to be you, and therefore, you can be sure that burglars won’t have any chance to enter your garage.

#5 – Control the garage door via your smartphone

The more modern systems come with a feature that is undoubtedly perfectly suited to cater to our current needs, which provides the ability to be controlled via an app that you install on your smartphone. Some of the perks this technology provides include:

  • Checking if the door is closed even if you are away from home.
  • Closing or opening the door regardless of the location you’re at. Thus, you can open or close the garage door at home even when you are at work.
  • An alarm can be sounded off by the app in case the door is open when you are away.

#6 – Illumination for safer car parking

One thing that is invaluable at night when you try to park your car in the garage is lighting. Modern openers come with built-in lights specifically intended to illuminate your path as you park to prevent any unwanted incidents from occurring. With these systems, when you activate the door to open, the light automatically turns on so that you have proper guidance.


The question inevitably arises at this point – is there any actual drawback to installing a door opener for the garage? The answer is no! Sure, it is a new acquisition that you have to make, but it’s one worth every cent considering the added safety and security, as well as the fact that you are provided with a much more convenient manner to open and close the entry to the garage.

Depending on the exact features and technologies featured by the model you acquire, as you saw in the previous sections of the article, there are other benefits to reap as well, including the very convenient and accident-preventing illumination of the path as you park. To sum it all up, it is a device modern folk should not go without.