Best Led Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Nature is great at providing the perfect growing environments for plants, but what if you want to grow an indoor garden where the sunlight can’t reach? The answer is simple, you get some Led grow lights to deliver the necessary light for your plants. And to make sure you get an efficient Led grow lights systems, here are some of the top rated led grow lights that can boost your plants.

Diamond Series XML – 10W

This Led grow lights system features a Daisy Chain feature, which means it can run multiple lights with only one cord plugged and it will provide over 11 wavelengths of color output. The Color Select feature assures ease of use in allowing you to select the colors you want and their intensity for cloning, vegetative and flowering growth stages. The low heat output of this Led grow lights system eliminates the need of fans or AC systems and it is environmentally friendly as it contains no Mercury. The low energy consumption and the fact there are no bulbs to replace add to its durability and affordability, although the purchase price is higher than other systems of its kind.

California Light Works Solar Storm 880w Grow Light

With these Led grow lights, you will enjoy high-quality LED bulbs with high intensity at an inexpensive price compared to other Led grow lights on the market. Besides the 176 5 watts LED bulbs that offer 880 watts of intensity, the system also features two built-in 15 watts T8 fluorescent tubes deliver UV-B light that is beneficial for plants grown indoors. The best feature of the California Light Works is that it allows you to switch from Vegetation stage to Flowering stage so that the spectrum of light will be suitable for your plant. You will get great PPF flux that penetrates the canopy of the plants on a 4’x4′ area of flowering plants and 5’x5′ area of non-flowering plants.

G8-900 Full Spectrum LED

This 900-watts grow light has the growing power of an HID system of 1400 watts and it is great for areas larger than 24 sq. ft. of plants in vegetative and flowering stages, but if you place two or more 6 feet on center, you will increase the growing area of each light through cross coverage. The high-quality infrared diodes used in these grow lights deliver an invisible wavelength beyond the light spectrum and the ideal color ratio of the color spectrum, including UV-B and IR light.

With the proper light, we have no doubt that your indoor garden will flourish.