Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

The zero gravity position that certain massage chairs feature mimics the position in which astronauts sit when they escape the Earth’s gravitational pull. This position is the ideal one to sit in for them, because the stress that accumulates in the body is distributed and eliminated in a safe way. If you feel a great amount of stress and tension, the zero gravity massage chair is the ideal solution for you, helping you efficiently relieve yourself from these problems. In the following lines we will present the best zero gravity massage chairs available, therefore you should read if you want to buy one, making sure you are spending your money on a quality product this way.

Osaki OS-4000

The Osaki OS-4000 comes at the price of $3000, and it provides the user with the best massage experience of his life.
Beside being a zero gravity massage chair that can offer the incredible Shiatsu massage, the OS-4000 uses 46 multilayered air bags to enhance your experience with the zero gravity position, and it offers complete massage for the entire upper body and lower body parts.
It has 20 unique auto programs that you can choose from, it uses 6 massage techniques which include the already mentioned Shiatsu, Rolling, Swedish, Clapping, Kneading, and Combo, and it uses the revolutionary Body Scan technology with which it automatically adjusts the rollers for the perfect massage experience, and it automatically adjusts the height and width of the chair to accommodate your body as well.

Fujita KN9003

The KN9003 zero gravity massage chair from Fujita comes at the price of $5500, and it’s an investment you won’t regret making.
The innovative design of this model offers the possibility to choose different strengths based on the gender of the user, it has 8 automatic programs that are specially created to satisfy different needs, with just a simple click of the button you can start it or reset it, and it comes with a unique air pressure pause option that gives you the possibility to adjust your body position whenever you want.
For those who are using the massage chair due to medical reasons, it has a useful infrared heating function that sends penetrating rays to your muscle joints to effectively enhance immunity, to activate tissue cells, and to speed up the blood circulation.

iRobotics i7

The iRobotics i7 comes at the price of $7500, being the most expensive zero gravity massage chair on our list.
The high price of this model is due to the fact that this massage chair incorporates massage therapy techniques, entertainment, and technology into one truly ingenious machine.
It’s equipped with a smart touchscreen remote, it has 9 pre-programmed massage choices, it has an integrated MP3 music system, it uses the revolutionary 3D Roller system to provide you with the perfect full body massage, it has up to 5 spots on the memory setting to accommodate a maximum of 5 different customized programs, and it can fit a person who is 7 feet tall and that weighs 265 pounds.

If you are still not convinced of which massage chair would best serve your needs, we invite you to visit so that you can compare and analyze them better. That website features comprehensive massage chair reviews, which will help narrow down your choices and find the best product for your individual needs.