Choosing the Right Kitchen Appliances – A Beginner’s Guide

The interior design for kitchen areas is one of the most challenging parts of a redecoration process. Furnishing and equipping a kitchen is one of the most important and difficult steps of making a home, especially if you wish to design a practical kitchen. You have to pay attention to a lot more details than for other rooms because there is the matter of choosing the right kitchen appliances and making sure they fit into your kitchen. You have to set up a budget, take measurements, think about what your kitchen needs the most and what you will be using, about whether you should buy from the same brand or not, about whether you should match furniture and appliance colors, and so on. To help anyone who is going through that process at the moment, we have created a short but insightful guide that will tell you the most important things you need to know about the major appliances that set up a kitchen.

Buying the Oven

In most kitchens, the oven is the most important appliance, unless you rarely cook and prefer the microwave. Nevertheless, we have never seen a kitchen without an oven, so this should be your main priority. If you’re dealing with a small kitchen or reduced space, your safest solution is the single unit stove, which features a cooktop on top and an oven underneath. These units can be built in the furniture, or be left freestanding if that is a better space-saving solution for you; they are also the most affordable option. However, there are plenty more options out there, such as electric cooktops that only take up some space on the counter, and which can be purchased separately from an oven; other, more modern stoves combine gas and electricity as fuel; some cooktops feature as many as eight burners, but they obviously require lots of space and may have other functions, such as grilling. Prices usually vary more due to the oven, because some feature accurate temperature control, whereas others don’t.

Buying the Refrigerator

Most refrigerators are quite voluminous which is why they can greatly influence the interior design for kitchen areas. This purchase can be just as complicated; where size is concerned, you can find small built-in refrigerators without a freezer, freestanding freezers, single door refrigerators with freezer on top or the bottom, French door refrigerators with two doors for maximum opening and a freezer, and there are even corner fridges for those who really have a hard time fitting one in their kitchens.

From this point on, things get even more complicated, because you can choose a refrigerator with more or less freezer space, with or without water and ice dispensers, and even new, technology-updated models with LCD screens that allow you to communicate with the appliance and get info about your shopping list or the weather forecast. Some of the features that modern refrigerators have are rather useless, being plain luxuries that considerably increase the price of a certain fridge. In order to navigate the wide variety of models available on the market and find an affordable yet efficient one, we encourage you to read the most reliable refrigerator 2015 reviews. There are several websites where you can find such reviews. We advise you to choose a website with easy to understand information.

Buying the Dishwasher

The easiest way to make sure you will end up with the right product is by reading lots and lots of dishwasher reviews. You can find a lot of great reviews online. There are counter-top dishwashers suitable for single persons or couples, built-in or panel-ready dishwashers with a larger capacity, and even portable dishwashers with an average capacity. In general, it is capacity that should interest a buyer the most, because this is what determines whether the product matches your needs; however, you can also look for energy-efficient dishwashers, products with drying options, and dishwashers with an option for Sabbath-mode (there are refrigerators featuring this option as well). Those with small children can also look for features like child lock or delicate items wash, but another important aspect is the technology used to wash and rinse your dishes, and the number of wash arms and spray directions present.

Buying Smaller Appliances

Any practical kitchen should have the major appliances presented above, but also a few smaller appliances which can make your life easier. Other smaller appliances can be just as important.For example, a very useful small appliance that many people don’t have is the knife sharpener. This device is a lot more efficient than a sharpening stone. There are many electric sharpeners to choose from. If you have straight, European knives, any knife sharpener will do. However, if you also have Asian knives and serrated knives, you should look for a knife sharpener that can handle this type of blades. Go to in order to see which are your best choices.

If you find it too expensive to purchase all your appliances from the same brand and still obtain quality, you can at least consider purchasing all the counter-top appliances from the same manufacturer; if they share color or design, they can give a more homogenous appearance to your kitchen. The same characteristics as those mentioned above have to be taken into consideration when purchasing a coffee maker, a microwave oven, an electric kettle, or a toaster. Finally, if you would like to decrease energy consumption, look for Energy Star rated products; they require a higher initial investment, but it can be easily recovered in time through lower energy costs.