Clothes Dryer Buying Tips

Young Woman Crouching With Cleaned Clothes Near The Electronic Washer

The price of a clothes dryer can be as low as $350, or as high as over $1000, therefore you have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to the cost of the unit. But the price isn’t everything with this modern and useful machine, and there are many things to take in consideration when you set your eyes on a unit of this kind beside the price. Before heading to the store to buy a clothes dryer, you should first read the following lines to find out some useful tips in order to be sure that you are making the right decision with the model that you are choosing.

Make sure you chose the right type

There are two types of clothes dryers, and the difference is based on the way they are powered. The two types are electric dryers and gas dryers. Most probably the decision between the two types has been made for you by the contractor of the house, because the electric dryer needs a 220V outlet to operate, while the gas dryer needs a 120V outlet. Also, when you choose between the two types you have to take in consideration the fact that the gas dryer requires a gas connection as well, which might be an impediment for some people.

Know your measurements before buying the unit

If you don’t want to be put in an awkward situation in which you have to leave the store because you don’t know what the measurements of the unit should be, decide where you are going to place the clothes dryer and measure the space in which it will be placed before leaving home. After all, you can’t buy the machine by guessing which are the appropriate measurements, because if you see that it doesn’t fit when you try to put it in the chosen spot, you’ll have to do an embarrassing walk of shame with it back to the store to exchange it with an appropriate model.

Pay attention to the controls

With the new generation clothes dryers having clear control panels and bright LCD displays, it’s a shame not to buy a model on which you get to see the controls clearly. This comes in handy especially if you install the machine in a place like the basement that isn’t very well illuminated. In addition, the bright LCD allows you to check the status of the load from a distance, without you having to be in its proximity.

Take the door options in consideration

There are two types of door opening options you can choose from, and it’s an aspect which unfortunately most people overlook. The pull-down door units are a lot more convenient when you are loading or unloading the clothes from the dryer because they offer support, but to choose this type of door opening means that you must have enough space in front of the machine to be able to sit in front of it when you are opening the door.
The side-opening door might not offer the same support as the pull-down door, but it’s the better choice if there isn’t enough space in front of the machine.

Once you decide what you are looking for in a clothes dryer, you would do well to read some reviews in order to see which dryers are as efficient as they are advertised. For helpful reviews, stop by the site, which analyzes the most popular dryers and compares them based on their key features. That website will help you find a dryer which is not only efficient but also durable.