Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Summer is almost ready and while there is still some time left until the scariest night of the year, we thought that it is never too soon to start making Halloween preparations, especially when it comes to DIY projects which lets face it: they don’t always come out as they should. Each year, we ask the same question: what costume should I wear? For those who are creative, there are several costumes that can be made at home. In addition, it is a very pleasant family activity. Children usually love to dress up and are proud to make their own costume. Here are some easy ideas for the whole family.


The mummy is a scary character, but even children can wear this costume. When it comes to making a DIY mummy costume the entire process is very simple. You only need a few rolls of toilet paper or bandage rolls and tape. Glue one end on your t-shirt or body suit of the future mummy and rotate it on itself. Be careful not to over do it! To make it more terrifying, you can also add fake web spiders, earthworms and a few other bugs.


In order to be a convincingly mime during the party, don’t use any words, just gestures to express yourself. You need to paint your entire face white, then highlighting the key features of your face, with some burgundy red lipstick for your mouth and for the eyes some black eye shadow. A tear painted with ink will make the look complete. The outfit consists in black trousers, a plain white shirt with black stripes and a pair of black shoes. Don’t forget to wear a pair of white gloves and a cap.

Audrey Hepburn

The sexiest and most classy outfit that you can wear this Halloween. This is a great ideas for girls who want to be stylish even on Halloween. And you do not have to put much effort to become the main character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You just need a little black dress, long black gloves, a cigarette, a small tiara, a necklace with pearls and some black heels and you’re ready to go out and have some fun!


The character played by Halle Berry in the movie Catwoman was historic, since cats are always present at Halloween parties. The reason? It’s the easiest outfit that you can get with minimum effort. To quickly turn you into a virtual black cat, you do not need to buy a black latex suit! You just need a pair of black leather shorts, a sleeveless black shirt, long black gloves and a pair of leather boots or high heels.
As for makeup, black eyeliner and a few freckles on your cheeks are enough to get the look of a cat. Optionally, if you prefer, you can wear a mask or a headband with cat ears to complete the final look.

These costumes are very easy. Nevertheless. we have a feeling that some of you will postpone this DIY projects until the last minute, when it will be too late. For those of your who can’t help but procrastinate, we found a great website, greathalloweencostume.com, where you can find some very cheap costumes that look very authentic.