Electric Shaver Buying Guide

If you plan to invest your money into an electric shaver there are some things that you need to know before running to the store. After you have compared the products’ features you may not need to go to the store as you can simply order it online. Ordering it online is more convenient as you can even find the product that you are looking for a lot cheaper than the store prices. Moreover, you can buy one for yourself and one for your father, especially since Father’s day is right around the corner. Nevertheless, if you really want to impress your father, get him a shaver, as he will definitely appreciate it.In order to make the right choice you must ask yourself a couple of questions and decide what are the most important product features for you and which are the features that you are willing to make a compromise for.

Choosing a type of shaver

First of all you must determine what do you plan to do with your electric shaver, what is the main model that you’re looking for and how do you plan to use it.

Rotary shavers

Rotary shavers are very good shavers because they have two or three rotating heads that lift the hair before cutting it away. They work tremendously for curly beards. The best rotary shavers for men have pivoting rotors – a feature which allows them to make contours of the face. Some models even come equipped with a trimmer for longer hair. It can also be used on the sideburns because for some hairstyles they need to be longer.

Foil shavers

They are a high-speed razor blade with a protective foil on top. The more foils the closer the shave is. Foil shavers are not so comfortable to use like rotary shavers but they tend to work tremendously well for more sensitive skin types because unlike the rotary types, they just cut the hair without raising it before.

Face and body grooming

Some electric shavers are projected to completely remove hair by trimming and tidying certain areas. They have more heads that can be easily changed and each one is designed to clean a certain area – for example nose and ear trimmer, body trimmer, beard trimmer and hair clipper.

Close shave

The closest to the skin the electric shaver can cut, the more money you will pay for it and the tidier it will make you look.

Power cord

Some electric shavers for men run only after the battery has been charged, other allow the device to function only by plugging in the electrical cord. It’s a useful feature when you think about the situations when you forget to change the battery and you find it empty right before you want to have a shave.

Wet and dry shaving

Some electric shavers allow you to shave in the shower. It’s a very nice feature when you think about the mess that it would be made after you have removed all the hair on your body.

Battery & Shutoff

The autonomy of the battery is important but even more important is the time that it takes to get fully charged. Some electric shavers also have a battery warning LED that shows you how much battery you have left.

Choose good brands

There are many brands on the market which sell electric shavers, yet only a handful of them are known for their quality. Moreover, certain brands are known for excelling with certain types of shavers. For example, if you are looking for a linear shaver, we advise you to look for the best Braun electric shaver. In fact, according to electricshavers.reviews, Braun actually sells the best foil electric shaver in the world. On the other hand, if you are looking for the best rotary shaver, go with Philips. If you are looking for a decent quality at an affordable price, go for Panasonic. Visit the electric shaver website mentioned above in order to learn more about the best shavers on the market. Whether you buy the shaver for yourself or as a gift for Father’s Day, one thing is for sure: it pays to be informed if you wish to make the right choice.