Explaining Golf Rangefinder Reviews to a Beginner

Reading some accurate golf rangefinder reviews can help beginners understand more about how these device function, and which their role is. Usually, reviews discuss about the features that the best device should have, allowing readers to compare different brands, and choose the one that can suit their needs the most. However, the terms used in most professional golf rangefinder reviews might not be easy to understand by beginners, which is why we have prepared a guide that will let you know more about the main characteristics of a golf rangefinder.

Which are the factors that can determine the effectiveness of a golf rangefinder?

All golf rangefinders should provide players with reliable information about the distance to a certain target. The most important aspects that golfers should consider before deciding on a certain model are accuracy, magnification and slope. However, make sure that you buy an instrument which you can use and maintain easily, because that is also important for obtaining the desired results.


There are devices that feature a ranging performance from 10 to 1000 yards, and devices that are accurate to at least +/- 1 yard when used in optimal conditions, which allows you to calculate the distance to the flag, or any other targeted object with great precision. Furthermore, knowing the exact distance to your target will allow you to make a better club selection, increasing your chances to get the ball into the hole. Still, while they provide readers with this type of information, golf rangefinder reviews don’t specify if a golfer could use indeed a rangefinder that features an accuracy of 1000 yards. The truth is that is that nobody can hit the ball that far, so a rangefinder that comes with useless bells and whistles will just make you pay more money on something that you don’t actually need.

Magnification and slope

A golf rangefinder with a 6x magnification will let you have a better perspective on the golf course, as you can analyze a cluttered background in better conditions, and you can form an opinion on what your next move should be. Furthermore, a device that can measure slope enables you to calculate your chances to lower your scores when the difficulty of the course is very high. For beginners who have no idea what a slope rating is, reviews should be more explicit. So, if you just started playing golf and you want to learn more about the underlays of this sport, you should know that a slope rating measures the impact of a difficult course on a handicap golfer. Furthermore, it establishes how many handicap strokes you can obtain from a set of tees.

As you can see, whether you are a beginner golf player or an experienced player, it is essential to read reviews before investing in new equipment. These reviews will help you choose the best products and will also provide you with some useful beginner golf tips.