Hair Extensions Buying Guide

If you are not very satisfied with the way your hair looks, and you tried everything you could to make it grow without getting any results, we advise you to consider hair extensions. Like other accessories, hair extensions can help you look more glamorous and attractive, as they can offer more body to your hair, and they can make you feel more feminine by getting extra length and texture. However, choosing the right extensions can be tricky, because they come in many forms, so you need to pay attention to details.

Decide between real and synthetic extensions

Unlike real hair, synthetic materials are more affordable, and they are suitable for any type of budget. Still, they don’t promise the same quality as real hair. Furthermore, there are two types of material used for synthetic fibers, and they are known as Toyokalon and Kanekalon. The second type of fiber is more resistant to heat than the first one, and it can be styled with curling irons at a maximum temperature of 230 degrees F/110 degrees C. However, the Toyokalon fiber can last longer, so it can offer other types of advantages.

Choose the right color and determine your budget

The easiest way to determine the exact color of your hair is to use a hair swatch at a professional salon, or at a beauty supply store. According to many experts, using extensions that don’t match the exact color of your natural hair might look unnatural and artificial. However, if they are made from real hair, they will blend with the rest of your strands easier, no matter what color they are. So, the first thing that you should do after establishing a realistic budget is to search for a brand that offers affordable extensions made from real hair.

Analyze your options

Based on the fact that there are so many types of extensions on the market, you have to analyze the advantages that you can get from each one of them. If you are searching for versatility, we advise you to opt for clip-in extensions, but if you want to obtain a more permanent result, you should direct your attention towards glue-in or sew-in extensions. Still, the last category requires professional help to put them in your hair. A hair stylist can make them look natural, which is essential if you don’t want people to know that you are using this kind of enhancement. Remember to inform yourself about maintenance issues, as each type of extensions requires a different kind of attention. Also, make sure that they won’t affect your natural hair in a negative way, so ask about what type of damage they can cause to your hair.