How to Buy a Good Air Purifier

The quality of the air we breathe should be something we are all concerned about nowadays, because human endeavor and technologies, industries and other activities have been proven to pollute the atmosphere and even get to the point where it can harm our health. Since there is little we can do on our own to clean the atmosphere, we can at least take care of its quality in our homes; if you don’t have an already-installed ventilation throughout the house, you can think of a portable air purifier. There are a few options when it comes to air purification, and we are going to present them in what follows so that you can choose the right product for you.

Types of Air Purifiers

The first and simplest type of product is the room air purifier, and generally the cheapest; it is ideal if you want to purify the air in a single ro0m, and most models are portable. They are either light enough to lift, or are fitted on wheels that help you transport them from place to place. If you’re interested in a product like this, try to find one that features HEPA filters, which are very efficient, even though they need replacement once a year. You could also consider dedicated ozone generators, which are mostly ideal if you want to eliminate odors, dust, pollen, mold or germs; you have to be careful about using them however, because they can present health risks if over-utilized.

These two models are mainly ideal for moderate or localized problems with air, but if you want something that cleans throughout the house, consider purchasing a whole-house air cleaner, or a whole-house air filter. The first type of product can be quite expensive and requires professional installation, but it is very efficient in removing dust and smoke from the house; if you are a smoker, this could fit perfectly with your forced-air heating, or some other ventilation system. A whole house air filter on the other hand is less expensive, and can work if you have a forced-air heating system; you just slide it in the filter compartment, and it should be more efficient than what your initial system offered. Either way, it is not very efficient against smoke and other pollutants, so overall it might be more recommended to go for the full whole house air cleaner.

How to Choose

How and what you choose is then up to you and your particular needs; first, you must determine how serious the problem is, and then pick a product that is not only made for that problem, but which can serve the entire space you need it for. It pays off to read a bit about air purifiers what they do, and you can find the best air purifier reviews on specialized websites such as; this will help you choose a product that caters to your needs. Don’t go for expensive models that offer a number of other special features, such as odor removal; it is better to pay more for a larger model, which can serve wider areas, so you’ll know it is efficient. Look out for models that produce ozone and avoid them, even if they can indeed be more efficient. Finally, check to see how easy it is to use the air purifier, and how often it requires filter replacement.