How to Find a Good Medical Negligence Solicitor

Medical negligence is a very complex area of law, as it requires both legal and medical knowledge so that decisions can be made based on accurate information. Furthermore, a clinical negligence solicitor must have empathy for the needs and the feelings of the patients who were affected by negligent medical treatment. If you want to take your case to court, you should search for a specialist lawyer that can make an informed diagnostic of the chances that you have to win the process. Asking for compensation for clinical negligence is the most logical thing to do when you are a victim. Therefore, you need to find a reliable solicitor that can represent you with success.

How to avoid being let down by your solicitor?

Many claimants hire lawyers who are not competent enough to handle their cases. In order to avoid this risk, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • Focus on the solicitor’s biographical information, including what type of cases his firm accepts.The best law firms specialized in medical malpractice are the ones that represent only injured patients, and not doctors who have been sued by their patients for malpractice. So, you should consider a company that primarily helps patients.
  • Find out what accomplishments the lawyer has before hiring him. You can do that by using search engines on the Internet, or by asking for references that will tell you what the lawyer has done for his other clients. Finding an attorney with great achievements will offer you a high level of comfort.
  • Make some research to discover if your solicitor is an active member of an injury trial attorneys’ association like the American Association of Trial Lawyers. That will let you know if he or she has the approval of other clinical malpractice attorneys.
  • Visit the website of your country bar association to discover if the solicitor that you decided to collaborate with is in good standing.
  • Ask your friends and relatives if they ever needed a good lawyer to take a medical negligence case to the court. Contacting a solicitor who has already won similar processes increases your chances of success significantly. So, ask for references.

Is the law firm’s financially situation important?

The firm that your solicitor works for must be financial solid, because these types of cases require spending significant amounts of money on medical research, but also on hiring medical experts. Therefore, you need to ensure that the firm that you are working with has enough resources to support expenditure. Also, it is important to check out your attorney’s track record, because that will help you find out what percentage of his cases go to trial instead of settle. Keep in mind that if a lawyer usually settles, the insurance company will know better how to negotiate, so this type of information is very important.

A while ago, negligence solicitors were as bad as eagles, fighting over cases. Ever since the tort reform, things have changed a lot and it is no longer as easy to win a medical malpractice claim as it used to be. Aside from finding a good solicitor, you too must familiarize yourself with this type of cases. We advise you to do some research on There, you will find all the information needed for filing a claim, finding a good solicitor, gathering proof of the negligence and in the end, winning the case and getting your well deserved compensation.