How to Use the Router Table in Safe Conditions

As a woodworker, there are a lot of dangers that you expose yourself to if you don’t take the appropriate precautionary measures. The router table, just like all other items in your workshop, makes no exception, no matter if the one you are using is one of the best models found at, a site that contains reviews of the highest quality products. If you want to create amazing woodworking projects with the router table, but you want to make sure that you’re not exposed to any dangerous situations, read the following lines.

Wear eye and hearing protection

When you use the router table to route various wood boards, the router will make a loud noise. To protect your ears and maintain your hearing in a top notch shape, your must use hearing protection like large noise-canceling headphones when you’re working. Also, your eyes need to be protected, even if you are using one of theĀ top picks of that comes with a dust collection port that minimizes the wood chops that might get in your eyes. Small wood pieces might still be projected into the air when you’re using the router table, and it’s best to wear safety goggles to ensure that those pieces don’t end up hurting your eyes.

Unplug first and adjust later

It goes without saying that the best way to stay safe when handling any type of power tool is to shut it off whenever any adjustments or maintenance tasks are due. If you do not take this piece of advice seriously, you are in great danger of hurting yourself, regardless of the protective gear you are wearing at that moment. Thus, remember to always disconnect the router when servicing it, mounting attachments, changing bits, or performing other similar tasks.

Increase stability in work with rubber gloves

Rubber gloves are mandatory to wear when using the router table for a variety of safety reasons. First of all, the slippery surface of the table might cause your hands to end up in the bit. If you wear rubber gloves, your hands will maintain their stability on the surface of the table, and you will work in safer conditions. Also, the debris that gathers on the table as you route might hurt your hands when you work. But if you wear the rubber gloves, they will protect you from any sharp, small pieces of wood.

Use the featherboard to support the workpiece

Using your hands to support the workpiece to the router table or the fence is completely irresponsible. It takes only a moment of distraction for you to injure yourself seriously if you proceed like this. The safest thing to do is to use the featherboard to support the workpiece. If the router table didn’t already come with one, go to any woodworking shop and buy one.

Use push blocks for increased safety

You can never be too careful when using the router table to create woodworking projects. This is the reason why it’s recommended to use push blocks to position your hands to a safe distance from the bit. If you don’t take this precautionary measure, you might end up with severe injuries. Therefore, don’t take any chances when it comes to your safety, and protect your hands by using push blocks.