Start the New Year with a New Look

Do you know the saying that whatever you do or however you look on New Year’s Eve, this is the way it will be for the rest of the year? We’re not sure whether this is true but you certainly must not risk about anything. You must look like a star on New Year’s Eve! It always brings luck to have a fresh new start with a new look! When looking for cute  hairstyles for women, choose the best look for you depending on the length of your hair and on the shape of your face.

If you have short hair

You are so lucky to be able to arrange your hair in no time! If you are always on the rush then this is the most convenient length for you. With so many hairstyle choices it’s impossible not to find one to suit you!

Elegant and classy goes great with highlighting eye shadow and mascara.

This hairstyle is very easy to make by the help of some hairpins. This hairstyle goes great with a casual outfit with sparkling accents.

For this hairstyle all you will need is a hair straightener and a hair spray!

If you are lucky to have a feminine face shape then you should consider some light blonde hair color ideas as they will highlight your feminine features.

Choose the long side bangs if you want to be cool and to have a lot of luck next year!

If you have a light skin tone then fire red is that thing that puts you in the spotlight.

If you have a lovely chin and cheekbones, choosing something geometrical will highlight your sweet features.

Combining short hair with long bangs wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

Sometimes the catchy part about a hairstyle is the hair color that it has! Blue, green and pink are some daring hair color ideas for short hair that would certainly look good on you! You can discover more fun hair color ideas if you visit the website.

The trick is the paler your skin is, the lighter your hair color must be!

If you have medium hair

This is an example that shows how the hair color ideas for short hair also go great with medium hair! You can dye the ends of your hair or you can let it grow after you have previously dyed it when you had it short! Go to a professional hair salon if you want to change your look in the last minute. Do not risk your hairstyle on New Year’s Eve!

Of course you can just dye it all in an unusual pastel color. The result will be amazing as long as it is pastel!

The natural colors go great with medium hair as long as you give it the proper hairstyle. Use hair moose immediately after you have washed your hair to give your hair volume and attitude!

If you have long hair

Long hair is the most versatile when it comes to cute hairstyles for women. Curls are one of the things that go the best on long hair, even on New Year’s Eve! If you want to achieve a lively look you have to make them tight!

Curl your hair in large curls for a sexier look!

Choose to straighten your hair if you want its colors to be better noticed.

Last but not least, consider some blonde hair color ideas for the tips of your hair or for some subtle highlights. Since the ombre style is no longer trendy, go for a balayage look.