The Purrfect Interior Decorating Ideas for Cat Lovers

There are many ways to show your unconditional love for cats, but besides using specific decorations, you can use many practical tricks that will make you and your pet happy. One of the purrfect interior decorating ideas for cat lovers involves opting for cat-friendly furniture that can keep your pet satisfied while also complementing your home interior design ideas. Getting a pet implies making some changes in your lifestyle, so creating a proper environment for your furry friend represents a great start. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice your home’s design for the sake of your cat as there are plenty of unique home decor ideas that can help you design a home where both you and your cat can be happy.

Mini bedroom for cats

Everyone knows that cats need constant company, which is why they always try to stay close their owner. However, when you have things to do, taking care of your kitty might seem stressful, especially if it keeps getting in your way. Therefore, we advise you to offer your pet a great alternative to sitting on your laptop when you need to work, and you can start by offering it a more comfortable resting place. Installing a mini bedroom for cats near your desk can solve this problem, as your kitty will get to stay close to you, and you will be able to get your work done without being interrupted. Moreover, this cute feline furniture will provide a cozy touch to your home interior design ideas, and it will make your home look more welcoming.

Cat Scratch Board Table

Since cats have an instinctive need to scratch and mark their territory, you must offer them the possibility to that. Furthermore, we recommend you to opt for a piece of furniture that combines the functionality of a table with the convenience of a scratching surface. That will help you protect your sofa and curtains from your pet’s sharp claws, but also maintain a great home decor.

Cat shelves

Besides needing a place where they can sleep and eat, cats also need a place where they can feel safe. That us why they always try to climb on furniture by jumping from one countertop to another. So, we suggest you to satisfy your pet’s need for perching by mounting some cat shelves on one of your walls. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between many models, but we advise you to opt for something that can match the rest of your furniture. That way, the shelves will easily blend in with the most unique home decor ideas that you could think off. Furthermore, we guarantee you that a vertical playground for cats will turn into your kitty’s favorite place in the house.