What Features Should a Good Gas Grill Have?

There are a lot of gas grills to choose from these days, which makes the decision you must take when you go shopping for one a lot harder.
When it comes to their features, modern gas grills give you many options to choose from, and it’s important to know which are the ones you should look for, the ones that truly separate an ordinary gas grill from a really good one, in order to be sure that you bought one of the best grills. Therefore, read the following lines if you want to know which are the best features to look for to have a good gas grill.

Premium quality burners

The burners are the most replaced part of a gas grill, therefore you should only go for premium quality burners.
The best grills feature burners made from stainless steel, cast brass, or cast iron, and they come with generous warranties, usually these warranties being of 10 years of longer. They last longer, and even if something happens to them, at least you are covered with the warranty, having them rapidly replaced.

Extra work space and storage

To make the process of food preparation easier for you, you should look for a model that has extra work space, like a folding table on which you can prepare the food for grilling, or where you can have the food at your reach. Also, you should buy a gas grill that has cabinets and drawers, because it’s the perfect place to store the utensils you use when you are grilling with it, and you can even deposit platters and condiments in them, keeping everything in the proximity of the grill to not have to make trips to the house whenever you need something.

Side burner

Side burners are mandatory to have a complete gas grill. While you are grilling your meat, you can use the side burner to cook something else, like a kettle of corn for example, or to keep warm the food that you are going to use as side dish for the food that you are grilling.

LED lights for the cooking area and controls

It’s certain that you intend to use the gas grill when the dark settles as well, therefore you have to look for a gas grill that you can use during the night as well as you can use during the day.
For this to be possible, you should look for one that has LED-lit controls and a lit cooking area, in order to be able to see the controls easily, and to see the food clearly as it gets grilled.