What to Consider When Buying a Home Stair Lift

For those who have mobility impairments or who experience pain and difficulties in climbing stairs, a stair lift is the perfect help to ease their lives. This useful device that is installed on the handrail of the stairs easily takes people up and down the stairs. With so many models available, it is hard to choose the right type for your needs, therefore, these useful tips in knowing what to look for in a stair lift will help you make the right decision.

Do you need a curved or a straight stair lift

Straight stair lifts are cheaper and easier to install than curved stair lifts, but if you have a curved staircase, you will need a curved stair lift, which will take longer to install, but the installation should be provided by the manufacturer or the selling company. Prices and installation time vary from company to company, therefore, you should contact various ones and their offers before choosing a stair lift.

How much does the person who will use it weight

The weight of the person who will use the stair lift is also an important aspect. Make sure you will choose a model that is strong enough to withstand a heavy weight, and that has a wide and comfortable chair, which will provide a safe usage. The age of the person is also important, as well as the dexterity of their hands. Choose a stair lift with remote control or a joystick and toggles, depending on the skills of the person in need.

Is the person in need using a wheelchair

If you, or another person who will use the stair lift, are using a wheelchair, you should consider getting a stair lift with a platform, instead of a chair. The platform will safely allow you to get on and off it without any effort and will secure the wheelchair during the ride. If there is no need for a platform, a regular stair lift with a chair included is perfect for you.

Is there any battery power source near the stair case

Although the stair lift is an electrically powered device, you will need a model with an extra battery if you don’t want to be stuck halfway the stairs in case the electricity runs out. Also, if you need to change the batteries, call for the help of a professional if you do not want to damage your stair lift.

Is it worth paying more for extra features

Stair lifts are pretty basic but some of them also have some modern features which make them more expensive than the simple models. In order to learn which features really matter visit a professional stair lift reviews website such as beststairlift.reviews. There, you will also discover which stair lifts are more durable.