What to Consider When Buying a Mobility Scooter

The mobility scooter is specially designed to offer confidence, self-fending and a feeling of independence that disabled people usually lose. In order to make sure the mobility scooter will successfully accomplish all its purposes, here is what you should consider when buying one.

Take into account the disabled person’s weight and height

When buying a mobility scooter, always consider the person’s sizes, to make sure they will feel comfortable and safe during the ride. Choose solid and durable models if the person who will use it is more corpulent, or lighter models if the person is thin. Depending on the personal needs, such as a severe back pain, you can choose a model with rear suspension that will attenuate the bumps on the road.

Consider the storage space available in your house

Depending on the storage space available, you can opt for devices that can be folded to fit into narrow spaces like closets or a car’s trunk. These models are also perfect for traveling as they take less space and can be transported everywhere with you. Also, consider where you will charge the scooter, and make sure it will fit through the doors and get close enough to the power socket.

Determine the needs of the disable person

If you want a mobility scooter that is designed for indoor usage, you can orient towards lighter models that have a tight turning radius and are easier to handle, like the three-wheeled scooters, for example. Scooters designed for outdoors are more solid and have bigger and stronger wheels that can handle pavement and rough grounds. The type of terrain the mobility scooter will be used on is also an important aspect and you can choose a more powerful engine if the area is hilly and sloped.

Look for vehicles equipped with extra features

In addition to the basic features such as brakes and headlights, some mobility scooter models have extra equipments that assure more comfort and utility, such as a front or rear basket for shopping items, space for storing the crutches if the driver uses ones or storage covers. Reading some mobility scooter reviews is a great way to understand whether the extra features are worth the money or not. Personally, we found the reviews on mobilityscooter.reviews to be very helpful.

Pay attention to the battery’s lifespan

Depending on the amount of time you want the mobility scooter to run without any interruption, you must pay attention to the battery’s lifespan and opt for heavy duty machines that last longer without being charged if you plan to take longer trips with the scooter.

Opt for models that are safe for driving

Make sure the mobility scooter you lay eyes on is safe to use. Look for machines with efficient additional braking systems, safety belts, speed limits, rear mirrors, flashing lights and warning instruments. All these relatively trivial items assure a safe and easy driving both for the user and the other participants in traffic.