Whole House Water Filters vs. Other Water Filters

If you are still buying bottled water and are unfamiliar with the benefits of water filters, here are a few reasons why you should switch to filters: first of all, filtered water is a lot cheaper than bottled water (even if you include the cost of the filter and the filter replacements); secondly, bottled water is not pure, mountain spring water, but plain, filtered water; thirdly, drinking bottled water does not completely protect you from the dangers of water contaminants.  This being said, once you do decide that a water filter is a good investment, you must still choose between a whole house water filter or a combination of pitchers, tap filters, under sink filters or other models. Our opinion is that a whole house water filter system is a better investment and if you continue reading this article, you will see why.

Whole house filters offer a full protection against water contaminants

Most people who decide to buy a water filter, usually find one suitable for the kitchen sink. That is an excellent choice as it gives you the possibility of filtering your drinking and your cooking water. The fact is that the easiest way for water contaminants to enter your body is through ingestion. However, these contaminants can also enter your body when you take a shower. Since hot water opens up the pores, it is quite easy for common contaminants to enter your body through your open pores. Furthermore, water vapors that form above hot water also contain toxins. The more chlorine the water contains, the more toxic these vapors are. Needless to say, inhaling these vapors regularly can cause severe health problems. As such, water filtration systems can protect your body from contaminants both on the outside and the inside; skin issues, not just health issues can be prevented by making sure you bathe in clean water, free of chemical agents, bacteria and other forms of contamination.

Whole house filters also protect your appliances and improve the health of your plants

Contaminated water affects not only your health but also your appliances. The more sediments your water contains, the more likely it is for your dishwasher or your washing machine to break. Furthermore, filtered water is also better for your plants. You may have noticed that plants are a lot bigger and healthier in the mountains and that happens because they benefit from fresh water. As you can see, the best system for filtering water should protect not only your health, but also your appliances and even your plants.

Investing in a whole house filter is cheaper than investing in individual filters for all of your water sources

A whole house water filter system is a big investment. However, in the long run, this investment is well worth the trouble. If you want a complete protection against water contaminants, you have two choices: either you buy a whole house filter or you install individual filters on all of your water sources (including taps, showers, toilets and so on). If you research the prices for these devices, you will see that a whole house filter is a cheaper alternative.

Whole house filters are easier to maintain than other filters

Replacing water filter cartridges is not that much of a big deal. However, if you have several filters in your home, it will be quite troublesome to constantly check the life of each filter and replace several cartridges per year. Furthermore, individual water filters are not invisible or very small. They take some space around the house (even the under sink models). The whole house filter may be quite big, but most people usually put it in the basement and forget all about it. Moreover, it is considered to be the best system because it also comes with an impressive warranty of up to 15 years.